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Transmission of cable television cables
  Published:2017-04-05 14:57:07   Views:

Transmission of cable television cables because of its shielding effect for small usually consider only the impedance of the system. TV soft cable for cable deformation, it has a relatively continuous resistance and good shielding effect, can bend, price and low prices, widely used in the computer industry, but cannot be used for shielding performance requirements of high system. Shielded flexible cable eliminates inductance and capacitance, mainly used in instruments and architecture. Flexible coaxial cable due to its special properties and become one of the most common closed transmission cable. Coaxial means the signal and ground guide body in the same axis, outer conductor consists of fine woven wire, so called braided coaxial cable. This cable to the center conductor of a good shielding effect, the effect of shielding efficiency depends on the type and thickness of the braiding layer braided wire. In addition to effectively compensate for the braided cable in high frequency shielding effect. High frequency is usually used for semi rigid cable.