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The features and advantages of USB connectors
  Published:2016-03-08 11:00:33   Views:

Features and advantages

Micro-USB connector and Mini-USB connector is smaller than the standard USB, space saving, reduced in size by about 60%.

High up to 10000 times the service life and strength.

Blind insertion structure design, Micro-USB standard support for the current USB OTG function, i.e., in the absence of host ( such as a personal computer ) in the case of the portable device can be directly, realizing data transmission, compatible with USB1.1 ( 1.5Mb / s, full speed:: 12Mb / s ) and USB 2 ( high speed: 480Mb / s ), at the same time provide data transmission and charging, particularly suitable for high-speed ( HS ) or higher speed data transmission, connecting the small equipment (such as mobile phone, PDA, digital cameras, digital cameras and portable digital music player and so on ) the best choice.