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Requirements of terminal block connector
  Published:2016-04-22 10:49:21   Views:

The mobile phone is more and more miniaturized, user groups have become more and more  popular, the production of more and more large, so the mobile phone used components, package  includes terminal connector inside, put forward more and more strict requirements.

Microminiature mobile phone size and weight significantly decreased, increased functionality, need high density assembly and interconnection. Obviously requires that its internal components ( including terminal connector inside ) have become smaller, or they are integrated into the chip or circuit module. Miniaturization is the route one must take.

Multi function interface for the user easy to use, but also for the design and manufacture of mobile phone is simplified, mobile phone external interface number less. It does not use the door face many various interfaces and not know what course to take. So the requirements of mobile phone 's interface terminal connector of multifunctional, it can be low frequency, high frequency coaxial port and other contacts with the different characteristics of composite in one interface, to meet different application requirements in connection. At present, the lower end of the mobile phone one by export can be used for connecting the charger, microphone, earphone or hands-free support different external equipment.