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The description of Matsushita Electric
  Published:2016-03-08 11:23:57   Views:

The name of Matsushita Electric in China can be described is familiar, recently Matsushita Electric  shows its products to control the machine division, which of the three main "components", "FA" and  "vehicle", the better control To a better life "concept is also fully reflected in the relays,  optocouplers, switches, connectors, sensors and other display products.

FPC connectors, Matsushita Electric is taking the route of differentiation. Yoshida, Shunsuke Matsushita  Electric Works, FPC connectors and other similar products differentiated reflected in its use of lock  type, with a bent, insert a smooth, easy to use, improve the design freedom, show Y3BW spacing of 0.3 mm,  a height of only 0.9mm, it can be FPC processes (gap) for position, to improve the FPC protective. A sale  soon Y2B spacing is only 0.2mm, the most suitable for applications requiring a space-saving.