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Installation of terminal block
  Published:2017-04-28 14:57:25   Views:

The highest working frequency of each terminal connector interface has the highest frequency  limit. Some business with 75 ohm design has the lowest frequency limit. In addition to the  electrical performance, each interface form has its uniqueness. Such as: BNCbayonet  connection, convenient use and low price, in the low resistance can be electrically connected are widely used; SMA, TNC series for the thread connection, high vibration environment on the connector requirements, SMB has a quick connect-disconnect function, it is more and more favored by the users.
                                                                                              Connector mounting method mainly has two kinds: A welding center conductor, screwed with  shielding layer. B contact center terminal conductor, crimping screen shielding layer. Other  methods by the above two methods are derived, such as: welding center conductor, crimping  shielding layer. Methods A for no special installation tools occasions; the press-fit mounting method, high work efficiency, terminating reliable performance, and the special crimping tool designed to ensure that each produced a cable assemblies are the same, so with the low cost installation tool development, welding center conductor, crimping shielding layer the increasingly popular.