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Terminal blocks are accessories for electrical connection
Author:elinker  Published:2017-09-12 11:45:34   Views:

    With the increasingly high degree of industrial automation and industrial control requirements become more stringent, accurate, and gradually rise in the amount of terminal blocks. With the development of the electronics industry, the use of the terminal blocks are more and more types. At present, the most widely are used to the PCB terminal hardware terminal nut terminals, spring terminals.
    At present, the application of power supply terminal blocks in the electronic equipment has become a trend, the power terminal device itself is gradually increasing, and can carry more power, with the larger terminal blocks volume, The importance of their equipment functions is more obvious, and the assurance of product characteristics also play an increasingly important role.
    Circuit board technology enables continuous improvement panel installed on the terminal blocks and can carry current improved a lot, has exceeded the limit 110A, far more than the previous level, which makes the design process, in the end to which power wiring terminal in order to meet the system requirements become more complex. In addition, methods to measure the performance parameters in different regions are also different, even for the nominal parameters given in the same kinds of products, there are considerable differences. Therefore, in order to obtain long-term reliability and to ensure that low cost is very important to understand these differences.
    The engineer must also consider another factor often overlooked, marketing considerations. Typically, the terminal blocks are visible for the user, so the marketing departments often want products in appearance to match the color and style of the entire system.