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Terminal block connector structure and function
  Published:2017-06-05 14:49:21   Views:

Subsea tieback is a deep-sea pipeline laying important part. Subsea tieback technology refers to the new development of health production pipeline with the existing network, make full use of existing facilities, the marginal oilfield development becomes economy of small, the main contents include: pipeline and platform, pipeline and pipe network connection connection, pipe and vertical pipe connection and pipe connection between etc.. Deep-sea flange connection technology of subsea tieback technology, is the submarine pipeline through the flange bolt.

Joint connections, realization of pipe laying technology. Deep-sea flange connection tool is applied to submarine pipeline under water operation technology and a kind of special equipment. Equipment can be completed submarine pipeline flange connection, is the last step to take. It also can be used in the underwater repair, suitable for all types of sea area and different depth requirements for industry. Because divers in the deep seabed cannot directly construction, only in the underwater robot ROV ( Remotely OperatedVehicle ) auxiliary operation, at the same time deep and has high static pressure, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, leading to deep-sea flange connection design is very difficult. Design of remote control law LAN connection tools will greatly enhance our country in subsea tieback technology.