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Elinker terminal blocks
  Published:2017-05-18 14:53:54   Views:

Terminal connectors are 19-pin electrical connectors used in film, television and stage lighting to terminate the ends  of a multicable. They are wired with six hot pins, six neutral pins, and six grounded pins, the final pin being a  center pin used to help the male end of the connector align properly with a female receptacle. While the term is often  applied to similar off-brand connectors. "Breakouts" are used to connect the fixtures to the cable. The breakout  consists of a male socapex connector with six "tails" with female Edison plug, stage pin connector or CEE/BS4343 16A  (IEC 60309). A "breakin" is the opposite, consisting of "tails" with male Edison, stage pin connectors or CEE/BS4343  16A feeding a female socapex connector. These are used to connect terminal cables to dimmer packs that don't have  terminal outputs.

Terminal block is also occasionally used for other high-current applications within live events; most commonly, it is  used as a trunk cable to connect PA speakers or stage wedges to amplifiers, usually using breakin and breakout cables  to NL2/NL4/NL8 or EP5. While some companies use  as a rigging motor power cable, this is generally not recommended as  differences in voltage (i.e., 400V vs. 230V) can be misinterpreted, causing extensive equipment damage.