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The history of terminal blocks
  Published:2017-06-09 14:45:40   Views:

Terminal blocks are the kits of the systems engineering, which are used to achieve electrical connection accessories.
In 1982, Phoenix Electric Company invented a modular terminal blocks of the world's first, and then laid the prototype of the modern terminal blocks, Phoenix Electric Company to apply for and obtain an invention patent. Since then, Phoenix electrical terminal blocks remain innovative, many of these products become industry standards.

With the development of the electronics industry, more and more types of terminals can be divided into the European terminal blocks series, plug-in terminal blocks series, fence terminal blocks series, spring-loaded terminal blocks series, track wiring terminal series wear a wall terminal blocks series ...

With the new process requirements of electrical products, perforated insert reflux new technology introduction, it has the following advantages: a) the abolition of partial immersion brazing or indentation. b) with surface mount technology is fully compatible. c) can be fully integrated into the automated installation process. d) production workshop without the other spatial location. e) usually do not need the additional investment costs. In line with this technology, developed in accordance with SMC (surface mount compatible) process, as well as shell made ??of high temperature insulation material (LCP) terminal blocks THT series. And reel packaging can be provided with a positioning hole to accommodate the requirements of automated assembly.

Terminal blocks occupy an important position in the process of machine operation, the terminal blocks must meet certain criteria in order to avoid the occurrence of security incidents.