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The impact of environmental factors of the terminal blocks
  Published:2017-06-07 14:48:54   Views:

Terminal blocks are usually faced with a variety of different environmental factors, for example: in the transportation and storage process, in the manufacturing process, installation, repair and terminal customers use the process. These environmental factors can be understood as the established state, concrete can be subdivided into temperature, humidity, corrosion, pollution, external and internal conditions and human factors. You must also define, among these environmental factors in exposed to changing circumstances duration.

Terminal storage environment is different from control, clean, heating or air conditioning, wet warehouse, office or factory, to be the corresponding control environment. In the heat, moisture or corrosion circumstances will seriously affect the terminal service life. In the controlled environment, welding storage life due to oxidation, corrosion, intermetallic effect intensifies greatly reduce; metal device surface and function are due to rust, patina and other forms of corrosion and affected; as insulating material of plastic and also because of flexibility, strength, the shape of the degradation affected by the. Terminal storage period can be short or long, long months or years, while a few short days, weeks, some needs of customers to make long-term planning, while others place an order immediately out of production. Through the use of FIFO inventory strategy, can be traced back date label system, the appropriate package, corrosion prevention method, improved storage conditions as well as the appropriate terminal material and terminal design, can improve the reliability and prolong the storage life of.

Transport environmental factors involved in transport vehicles and other mechanical devices, pavement, | handling hardware tools in the course of the operation the vibration and impact caused problems. And temperature extremes are often combined and vibration, impact of a collision. Ocean shipping terminals are often exposed to salt spray environment. Transportation time is generally predictable, land and air for several days, and the sea is January years or months. Terminal and packaging materials to the transport processes in intact, to prevent decomposition, deformation resistance, corrosion resistance and extrusion. Usually take the following measures will improve the reliability of transportation, so that the smooth arrival of goods to destination: use reputable carrier, using appropriate packaging materials, strong internal and external packing box, suitable lining material or filler, necessary anti-corrosion measures and appropriate terminal material and design.